Monday, October 16, 2006

What a Weekend

This week we had our chelation appointment on Saturday, instead of Friday. Dr. Imam and Nick (who does the IV's) went to a training conference with Dr. Buttar. He's the doctor who came up with the chelation schedule that we use and used chelation to help his own son with autism.

Michael did really well. It took Nick 2 tries, but the second try was done in 6 seconds. I was counting outloud. There were some new kids getting chelation and Michael was VERY interested. He was actually standing over Nick, narrating the whole process "Put the rubber band on the arm, rub the alcohol", etc....

After the session we went to a birthday party. We actually got there early and Michael just hung out and watched the other parties. He started playing with other kids, following them around (as usual). Then, at the party he befriended a boy who said to his mom he had a new "best friend". Oh, that was nice to hear. Michael sat great, followed with the group, and I barely had to watch him. Parties are so much more enjoyable now.

Then on Sunday we went to the gym (yes, the gym) and then visited our friend from Nigeria at his hotel. Michael was stimming a little off the squares in the carpet (what's up with that). He does it just on that carpet. It's weird to see because when he was 2-4, he would eye stim ALL THE TIME. Now, I rarely see it. So when I do, it's kinda shocking.

The day got better from there. We stopped off at the open house at the Middle Island Fire Deptartment. I had Michael do this thing where he went into a "burning" building with 4 other kids and had to escape thru the window. There was fake smoke and everything. Michael was pretty scared. But, I was thinking that this was something he'll never forget and it may save his life one day. I don't think he was scared of the fake fire or smoke- but he was thinking "why am I going thru the window?".

After surviving the fire, we went to my dad's for his 71st birthday party. MIchael's cousins (age 7 and 12) were there too. The boys were actually playing. Michael made up worksheets for Nicholas. They also started throwing a ball around. I really felt like it was the first time they played TOGETHER. Again, great socialization and talking. We are still giving him the Glutathione pills each morning.


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