Monday, August 13, 2007

Up, Up and Away- Kind Of

This weekend Michael and I went to the Balloon and Music Festival. He was pretty excited to go. There were carnival rides, monster trucks, music and of course hot air balloons. Well, the balloons never went up in the sky- which was a big disappointment. The thing is no one knew and we all sat there for an hour watching them fill up. At that point (8:00pm) Michael wanted out of there. I don't blame him. I was ready too. Then it took us 30 min to find the car in the parking lot-lol. Michael handled THAT very well- almost better than me.

Usually when we go to a carnival we arrive just when the gates open. There are no lines. We weren't so lucky at the festival. At one point, there was a 20-30 wait for each ride. It was about 85* with no shade and people everywhere.

Here are some pictures of Michael and his mini-meltdown. Honestly, I didn't blame him. It was a difficult situation. After that we left the ride area and went and found some friends. Then we watched the balloons fill up.

When we first arrived, there were monster trucks and motorcycles doing tricks. Michael couldn't even care less. He made a b-line for the rides. Michael did play in the fire trucks. There was a cute moment when he jumped into a truck with another little boy and put on a hat.

Honestly, I don't think we'll go next year if they have it. There wasn't much for Michael other than carnival rides and we can just go to a local carnival for that. But, I was glad that we spent 6 hours there together. We have a lot planned for the next three weeks and then school starts up again (thank god). Tomorrow night- Yankee Game!!!!!!!

1 Year Anniversary

I can't believe it's been a year since we started IV Chelation at Dr. Imam's office. Michael continues to do well. I would say 95% of the time we get the IV in his arm or hand on the first try. Michael sits well. The only thing that bothered him was the 4th bag would burn his arm alittle- so we backed down on it. This last week it didn't burn at all. The burning feeling is normal for this agent (phosphotidylcholine).

We got back both urine and blood tests for Michael last week. His urine toxic metal test showed that his level of aluminum is going down and his mercury is going up. Usually this is what you see. Mercury is a heavier metal and comes out after all of the other metals.

The blood work showed low Cholesterol (124), high B12 (we need to back off the powder) and low copper (I need to get a supplement for this). Michael has basically no saturated fats in his diet. The last two months he has tried some new foods. He eats 1 banana a day.