Sunday, October 15, 2006

Don't even ask about the cast

Friday, October 06, 2006
Don't even ask about the cast
Current mood: aggravated

Today we got to Dr. Imam's around 4pm. Michael sat really well and it took 2 tries to get the IV in. The only problem this week was the needle was so high on his arm that he had to keep it straight. Anytime he bent his elbow, the drip would stop. This slows the process. I kept saying "michael, please keep your arm straight" but he was busy playing with Dana's old Magnadoodle (the kid can sit with one of those for hours). After about the 10th time of asking him to keep his arm straight, I jokingly asked Nick "do you have a cast we can put on his arm?". Nick actually had one- so we taped it to his arm. It was more of a half cast. It didn't really work- but good try.

Michael was getting a bit ansy towards the end. I think that was because the other child there was watching Barney. Michael has never been a big Barney fan. Next week I have to remember to bring my laptop and dvd's for Michael.

Oh ya, Michael got Ringworm this week. It's not actually a worm, but a fugus- like yeast. He had alittle circle on his neck. He didn't even notice. Of course he noticed when I had to put the cream on him. I'm glad it didn't get bad. I saw some pix on the internet that were plain gross.

Well, overall the chelation is going fine. Michael is talking more and more each day. We got a script for blood work- which we'll do next week. We are going to check his liver and other levels. I love doing tests. Well, it's not the needle in MY arm, so I can say that. But, I love getting data back on Michael. It's proof. You know? So, when someone says "how do you know it's the chelation that recovered him?" I can show them the urine tests....


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