Sunday, October 15, 2006

Social Butterfly

Thursday, September 28, 2006
Social Butterfly
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Wow. I think my son is turning into a social butterfly. You know, one of those people who talks to everyone.

This past week we've been hanging out with a family from Nigeria. They are here to do chelation on their 9 year old son. We met them in the office last Friday. They are really nice and stuck with not much to do on the off days. So, Michael and I have been taking them places- the outlets, Fun4All playground, Health Food Store, etc. Anyway, it's so cute to see Michael with the boy (who he actually calls "boy" because it's hard for him to say his African name) playing together. When we went to the outlets, they were holding hands and wouldn't leave the store without each other. Seriously this is amazing, because a year or two ago, he wouldn't care about other kids.

Michael has this thing where he likes to follow other kids around- especially in the playground. Sometimes he finds a kid who likes the attention. Usually I hear "stop following me" a hundred times. Well the boy from Africa doesn't mind Michael following him- so of course they are like best friends now. Michael is very easy to please :)

Then last night (Wednesday) I left Michael with my Best Friend Nicole and her two kids (5 and 7). Nicole told me that the boys were playing and Michael was very social. He also cleaned up, ate dinner with the family, and had a good time. She said he seemed much better since June (when they had a pool party in the backyard). Honestly, Nicole's son, Kyle, used to be scared of Michael because he went thru a period of knocking kids down (thanks to Calliou) and now he's not scared. Which really means a lot to me. For those of you who don't know Michael, he's a pretty cool kid to be around. He loves to snuggle and give hugs. He's silly and many times just breaks into song. I hated that Nicole's son was scared of him. I understand it- because Michael did freak him out a few times. But, they are getting along. Even at Michael's 7th BD party in August, Nicole's son sat RIGHT next to Michael at the table and gave him a big hug.

So, as the days go on I see more and more improvement with Michael. I can't say for sure if it's the chelation or glutathione. I guess it doesn't matter- as long as he's getting better.

One thing for sure, as the days go on I'm more and more grateful that I have a wonderful kid. Autism or not, he's "the best".


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