Friday, April 20, 2007

Green Eggs & Ham

Michael has this new thing. He takes 2 books, hands them to me and says "storytime". Then he calls the cats over to hear Mommy read a story. It's so funny. He NEVER wanted to me read books to him before. NEVER. He has tons of books. For a while he would stim off of them. This is a picture of Michael when he was around 3 yrs old flipping thru the pages of a book

Yesterday, Michael started making piles. He put 2 books on the bed and said "These are for Dr. Imam's office." Then put 2 more on the table "These are for Friday" "These are for Saturday" and so on. This morning he comes into bed with a book and asks me to read. I got thru half of it and he says "we'll finish the rest later". It really is an amazing thing. Not only does he enjoy me reading the books- he reads them too.

Michael reads the "Sam I Am" part of Green Eggs & Ham. And I read the other part "I would not eat them in a house...". I know he picked up this habit from school. They have library and storytime. It just finally clicked.

Also, Thursday we did another round of chelation. Michael did great. He sat fine, was laughing, telling the other kids what to do- typical Michael. He got alittle upset when I couldn't get wireless on the laptop, but there nothing I could do. I guess that is his biggest problem now-a-days- the anxiety.

I had his school meeting Thursday also. We set up everything for the fall, but not the summer. So, i'm meeting with the director of special ed tomorrow. Wish me luck. I hope I get the right placement for Michael. One thing his speech teacher said, which I never heard before-- she said that when Michael is with 2 typical kids in speech, he acts wonderfully. He takes turns, doesn't get in trouble, behaves, etc. I was thinking that is the perfect reason why he needs to go to camp this summer (with typical kids). Let hope it works out.

Also today (a lot going on) we got a urine metal test back. Michael dumped twice as much aluminum as last time. His mecury also went up. I was surprised. It's a good sign- the chelation is working.

Saturday we are going to get the bi-monthly blood work done. I'm not worried about that stuff anymore. He sits so nicely for it.

Ok- it's almost 3am and I should get to bed. Again, we are so happy with the way Michael is progressing. He's the only kid in the school program who is moving up. When he was 2 1/2 and dx with mild-moderate autism, couldn't talk, play, look you in the eye, pay attention, didn't sleep thru the night, etc... I never thought we would be at this point at 7 1/2... Moving up to a 15-1 classroom, going to a typical summer camp, winning MVP of the basketball tournament, singing in concerts, making typical friends, going to Yankee games and rock concerts, etc. It makes me say...

"I do like green eggs and ham!"

Monday, April 16, 2007

A New Day

Well, the big storm is over, pretty much. We had a lot of rain and wind all night. On Sunday, Michael kept saying "Mommy and Michael are staying home another day". We also stayed in on Saturday while I got work done.

Spending so much time with him lately I've really had a chance to see how much he is improving and how well the chelation is working. And no side effects too. He likes going, his veins/arms look fine, he sleeps well, he's not in any pain- except for 5 seconds once a week. Giving a kid a vaccine is just as much pain, if not more. All his levels (kidney, liver, etc) are normal. And when we had him tested for metals 4 years ago (these results are not on the blog) he was very high in arsenic, alumimum and lead. So, there definitely was a reason to chelate a child with heavy metal problems- regardless of the autism.

So, I feel good about the whole process. I see my son getting better and better everyday. EVERYONE who knows him sees this- it's not just me, some "angry mom" trying to make myself feel better. MY kid is feeling better. My kid is happy. My kid can now express himself and share and make friends and ask for things he wants. It's changing every part of his life- for the better. And what is so great is that I live in a place, a country, a state, a world where I have the freedom to chose what my child is going to eat & drink, what religion my child is going to be, what baseball team we are going to support and I get to chose his medical treatments. I feel so blessed that the people who really matter- my family, Michael's dad, his family, my neighbors, my friends, Michael's school- they all support Michael in different ways and they are sooooo happy for him. They were there when he sat in a room for 2 hours and looked at a ceiling fan. They were there when we had to leave the Circus with him screaming bloody murder. They were there when he would line up cars and trains obsessively. Some were even there when he got up every night from 3am-6am for the first year and a half.

Go Michael & Go Yankees!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

My photographs & videos

Needless to say that if ANYONE takes my photographs or videos from this blog, my myspace page or my youtube account WITHOUT my permission, you will be held accountable. Just because I post something online does not give you permission to publish it else where. Consider this a warning. I've already taken action.

Plus, any negative comments about me, my child and how we live our lives will NOT, I repeat will NOT stop me from doing anything. You are sad people with no lives who are the real victims. I feel sorry for YOU.

I only hope the hatred you feel for yourself is not projected onto innocent children anymore. God help you.