Sunday, October 15, 2006

First Visit

Photo is of Dr. Imam (R) with his Brother and Senator Hillary Clinton

Saturday, August 05, 2006
First Visit
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Yesterday, we went to our first visit with a new doctor about 25 min away. Pretty easy trip and grateful he is so close- because some parents have to travel hours or even fly to their doctor.

Anyway, we started with IV chelation. Some minerals, EDTA and DMSA were given by IV. I know what you are thinking- how crazy to keep an almost 7 yr old sitting for an hour with a needle in his arm. Well.... the kid did it. It was amazing. Thankfully, I had my Ipod with me so Michael listened to Maroon 5 and John Mayer and sat in the chair and didn't move. I'm still learning what all this stuff is- but it was great to see my son listening and following directions.

We took his urine for 12 hours and Monday we'll mail it to the lab. That will tell us how much heavy metals have come out. Michael was high in arsenic, lead, aluminum and mercury when we did a hair test about 3 years ago.

I'll post the results when we get them. I need to go and finish editing a Bat Mitzvah, so I can pay for future treatments.

thanks- Christine

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