Sunday, October 15, 2006

Don't forget the cold stuff

Friday, September 15, 2006
Don't forget the cold stuff
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Today we had another visit to Dr. Imam's office for Chelation and Glutathione. After talking to a friend, we realized that the last couple of weeks we didn't use this cold spray that numbs the area where the needle goes in. We used the spray today and got the needle in. It did take three times, but the 3rd time was definately a charm and took about 5 seconds. I hope Michael put 2 and 2 together and now understands that it hurts a lot less if he stays still. Of course, the rest of the visit he sat there, eating, drinking, watching Letter Factory and playing with the Magna Doodle. He was pretty mellow during the visit. When he got home he was talking a lot (like he usually does after). It was raining today and he was talking about it. He's been alittle obsessed with the weather lately.

During the week his teacher said he was alittle unfocused and calling out- but I think that had to do with the rain and seasonal allergies.

Sometimes Michael calls me "mother" which sounds so funny to me. I keep thinking of that book "are you my mother?". After living in Virginia and having the nickname in college, I always wanted my kids to call me "mama". Now I get "mother" and "mommy" and sometimes a "mommy christine". Hey- you know what? I'm just so happy my kid talks. I wouldn't care if he called me "mud".

Can't wait for the Red Soxs/Yankee series this weekend. Please stop raining.

thanks, Christine

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