Monday, May 17, 2010

You're NOT going to believe this!

There have a been a lot of changes since last year. First, we stopped chelating last month. After 3.5 years and seeing all the progress, we felt like we got all we could of of chelation- which was a lot. But, I think now we have to focus on the social & school stuff.

Speaking of school stuff, Michael is now FULLY MAINSTREAMED in a 5th grade class. He does have a shared aid (to help with social & keeping him away from deadly peanuts), but now he's doing all regular work and tests. His new teacher is WONDERFUL. She has a nephew with low-functioning autism and REALLY understands Michael. More than that, she really LIKES him! And we like her too!

Michael performed in the school musical (for the second year in a row) and still plays the violin in orchestra. He has NYSSMA coming up soon- so lots of practicing! But, Michael spends a lot of his time riding his bike & scooter, going to the beach, attending church & doing research on the computer. Sounds like a 10 year old to me!

Of course he's not fully recovered, but personally I couldn't be happier and appreciate every single gift/miracle. Every time he says something to me or we have a great adventure somewhere, I consider it a gift. I know not every parent is THIS lucky and so I count my blessings.

Not sure yet what we're going to try. But whatever it it, I'll be posting about it. Thanks again for reading about Michael's road to recovery!!! What a trip!