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Third Round - Interesting

Friday, August 18, 2006
Third Round - Interesting
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Today we did the third round of chelation, plus we added Glutathione. Here is some information that can be found on the website


Glutathione helps to defend the body against damage from cigarette smoking, exposure to radiation, cancer chemotherapy, and toxins such as alcohol. As a detoxifier of heavy metals and drugs, it aids in the treatment of blood and liver disorders.

Glutathione protects cells in several ways. It neutralizes oxygen molecules before they can harm cells. Together with selenium, it forms the enzyme glutathione peroxidase, which neutralizes hydrogen peroxide. It is also a component of another antioxidant enzyme, glutathione-S-transferase, which is a broad-spectrum liver-detoxifying enzyme.

Glutathione protects not only individual cells but also the tissues of the arteries, brain, heart, immune cells, kidneys, lenses of the eyes, liver, lungs, and skin against oxidant damage. It plays a role in preventing cancer, especially liver cancer, and may also have an anti-aging effect. Glutathione can be taken in supplement form. The production of glutathione by the body can be boosted by taking supplemental N-acetylcysteine or L-cysteine plus L-methionine. Studies suggest that this may be a better way or raising glutathione levels than taking glutathione itself.

Glutathione is not technically an amino acid, however, due to its close relationship is normally groupedwith the amino acids. Most glutathione is found in the liver where it detoxifies many harmful compounds to be excreted thru the bile. Some glutathione is released directly by the liver into the bloodstream where it helps to maintain the strength of your red blood cells and also protecting your white blood cells.

Glutathione can also be found in the lungs and in your body's intestinal tract system. It is required for carbohydrate metabolism. Glutathione also appears to have anti-aging effects by aiding in the breakdown of oxidized fats that may contribute to atherosclerosis. As we get older glutathione levels in the body get lower and this can cause an increase in the aging process. Thus glutathione supplementation is useful to prevent this from occurring.

Glutathione deficiency maybe indicated by: coordination problems, mental disorder, tremors, twitching, nervous system disorder, and difficulty in balancing. Currently, believed to be caused by lesions in the brain.


Now, after the 2 hour doctor visit, we went to my sister's. Michael was sitting on my lap and pointed to me and said "Mommy is a mother". I have never heard him say this before. Then I told him he could play downstairs (by himself). All the kids were in the pool. I didn't want him to swim after doing the IV. He made a comment about how he didn't want to go downstairs alone because all the kids were outside. Usually, he runs down there and plays with the toys (aka lines up the cars). He actually had tears in his eyes. That was weird.

The past week he seemed to be talking more and after today's treatment- I really felt a difference. I'm very hopeful that the chelation is working and I'm very grateful to Dr. Imam and Nick and especially my friend Tina, who introduced me to Dr. Imam and attends the appointments with us (her daughter is getting chelated also).


ps- this morning he woke up and said "Michael and Mommy had fun at the Yankee game yesterday".... amazing

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