Sunday, October 15, 2006

Second Visit

Saturday, August 12, 2006
Second Visit
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So, we had our second trip to the Doctor. There were 3 other people there and Michael's loved watching the other people get their IV's in. He told this one adult "It will only pinch alittle". LOL.

Michael did better with the needle this time. We were also more prepared- bringing my laptop and playing our friend's DVD of Monsters Inc. and plenty of snacks.

Michael's urine test came back and he got rid of Aluminum and Lead- which is great. We are testing his urine again in 5 weeks. I posted the urine test here- just click on it to see a bigger file. Also note that when we tested his hair 4 years ago, he had high levels of lead, aluminum, mercury and arsenic. Doctors say that lead and aluminum are usually the first metals to come out- the mercury is last.

Here is a photo of Michael with the IV in his arm. Thankfully, he rarely tries to get up.

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