Sunday, December 16, 2007

Chelation Update

Well, we have been doing IV chelation with Dr. Imam & Nick since Aug. of 2006 (about 16 months). Michael is still showing incredible progress. You can read this blog in date order to get the whole story (start with Oct. of 2006).

I did a urine test last week and got the results a few days ago. I thought the levels of chelation were different than the challenge levels, but Nick told me Friday that because Michael has been chelating for so long- the levels would be the same, whether or not we are doing a challenge. In the past the challenge levels were higher. Anyway, long story short- it just means that the metal test can be better compared to the one done 4 weeks ago, because the amount of chelation given was the same. The only difference is that last week we took out the DMPS- one of the 4 things he gets.

Here are the tests results. They are black and white because the results were faxed from the lab to the doctor on Friday. As you can see Michael "dumped" or got rid of less metals than 4 weeks ago. It could be because we got rid of the DMPS or because he just didn't have the metals in him. I also suspect that he must be getting rid of metals via poop. People can also detox through hair and sweat. So, unless we test all the different ways, which can be expensive, we'll just do the urine every 2 months. I did the test last week because I wanted to see a non-challenge day (not knowing beforehand the levels were the same). But, it did show us a test without DMPS- which is interesting in itself.

I'm still happy with the results of the IV's (chelation, glutathione and some other stuff I don't remember how to spell). I plan on doing the IV's until June. I also wanted to mention that Michael's yeast problem has gotten under control. We changed probiotics, added Yeast Fend from Vitamin Shoppe and have been giving him the Nystatin once a day. We noticed when we take away the Nystatin some problems come back (smelly farting). So, we make sure to give it to him every morning with his supplements.

I've also been giving Michael some gluten & dairy. Just little amounts about once or twice a month. Yesterday he wanted goldfish crackers and ate about 20 of them. He started to get more stimmy. When he ate cake in the past- I didn't see a change. But then, he's always at a birthday party- which is crazy to begin with. Well, we're not doing the goldfish again. Not worth it. He has gluten/casein free crackers and pretzels now anyway. They should be good enough.

I Think He's Going To Be A Teacher

Today is one of those cold, rainy, stay-at-home Sundays. I'm trying to get some editing done, but Michael keeps wanting me to do things with him (imagine that?). He got a bunch of notebooks and made tests up for me. He handed me the notebook and started asking me questions. He made up spelling words and everything. I think he got the format from the practice exams they do in school. Michael is going to be taking the NY State tests in Language Arts (English) and Math.

Last summer when we were finalizing Michael's IEP (education plan) the school didn't want him to take the state tests. It was one of the few times I had to stand up and say "I think Michael can do it". I said I didn't care if he got a "0". The main reason I wanted him to take the test was because his whole class was going to be preparing for these tests specifically. What would Michael do in that time? Be sitting in the corner finger painting?

I believe the state tests for 3rd graders are around March. I think his teacher is doing a great job preparing him. It was pretty amazing how he handed me the test and gave me instructions. He really sounded like a teacher. "Ok, now I'm going to read off the words and you write them down". At one point I wrote a capitol "C" instead of lower case and he yelled "lower case" and pointed to it. Holy moly the kid is a perfectionist. I got all the answers correct, but Michael only gave me grades like 50 or 10. I think it's done on a point system or something, because it didn't make sense to me. I'm really looking forward to the tests next year.