Sunday, October 15, 2006

Big K-Mart

Saturday, October 07, 2006
Big K-Mart

We had a good day today (Sat). First, we went to see a children's concert by Carol & Paula of the Magic Garden TV Show. Honestly, I think I enjoyed it more than Michael. Probably because he didn't know any of the music and I was such a TV addicted child that I probably thought these women were family (and Michael Landon was my dad-lol).

Anyway, after the concert I dropped Michael off at my parents to spend the night. Michael had his Magnadoodle and he kept drawing BIG K with a line under it. You see, we live in Middle Island. Our complex is across the street from the Big K-Mart. Well, I should say the former K-Mart. In August, they closed the store and took the Logo off the building. That is what Michael was drawing. He kept saying "the Big K-Mart is closed". My mom was sitting there with me and I asked Michael "do you like K-Mart or Wal-Mart?" (the Wal-Mart is down the road from us). He says "Well, the K-Mart is closed, so we need to go to the Wal-Mart". It was so perfect. My mom says "he's smart".

Then he starts writing some words on the board. AI ABALES 20 BERSLIN (something like that). My mom and I are trying to figure it out. Michael keeps pointing to the words and says "the K-Mart is closed'. It means something- but what? I'm asking him questions. He writes the same thing again on a piece of paper. He's putting his fingers on the words- trying to sound them out (it was so cute). finally, it hits me.

"Available for Lease- Breslin" There is a big 50 foot sign on the building right over the spot where the Big K-Mart sign was. I wrote "Available for Lease- Breslin" and Michael re-wrote it on the paper. I noticed his handwriting was better than mine (lord help me).

On the way home, I looked at the building and see the sign. It says "Available -phone number- Breslin" Michael didn't know the phone number, but he put some numbers in there anyway. The word "lease" wasn't even on there (i remembered it wrong). But, there is another sign by the road that says "lease". Anyway, this whole situation really shows how Michael is reading, remembering, putting things together, trying to communicate, sounding out words, etc.

Sometimes I try to figure Michael out and my mind races with all these complex possibilities. But, his actions were quite simple. He never got frustrated. He kept trying to write the words over and over. I just didn't see these things a year ago. He has really come a long way and there is still soooo much to learn. On both sides.


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