Saturday, December 02, 2006

Basketball Video

Ms. Hinton the gym teacher said before giving Michael his MVP award "This award goes to the student that I feel embodies the spirit that we display during this tournament- excellent attitude, perserverance- perseverance means they kept trying no matter what, no matter how hard it got and great skills. And this goes to Michael Heeren."

Friday, December 01, 2006

He Shoots, He Scores

We had our first round of IV chelation in 2 weeks. The office was closed over Thanksgiving. Michael did well today. We did another challenge test. That is where we give him a certain amount and then test his urine. After we were done I was talking to some people in the office and Michael went to the bathroom himself. We have to collect his urine for 12 hours. So, of course I yelled a bad word. The nurse said it was ok, because it was too soon to have any metals in his urine at that point anyway. We collected the next two rounds at bath time. I think Michael actually liked peeing in the big orange thing. We have to mail it out on Monday.

When one of the moms got there, I told Michael to say hello to "Susan". He said "hello, Susan. How was your Thanksgiving?". It was so natural. I was really surprised.

Another surprise today was the basketball tournament at his school. Michael did well last year- but never scored a basket. Not even in practice. You see Michael's father and I are pretty into sports. We even met playing volleyball in Virginia. We both have a lot of natural talent and good hand/eye coordination. With Michael, it has seemed to skip a generation.

So, last night the 1st grade class he mainstreamed with had their first round game. They won by about 6 points (each basket is 2 points). On the second try, Michael got a basket. It was such a glorious moment. And a total shock to me. I know that Michael is doing well, but this was a perfect example of his success.

Then this morning they had the championship game. Michael's team lost by 2 points, but he got the MVP!!!!! They called his name and he walked up to the gym teacher and got his certificate. Last year Michael's friend and classmate got the award (for helping Michael out so well). This year HE got it.

I'm always so amazed how much the teachers and staff at this school love him. They are so proud. His classroom teacher was crying before he even got a basket. I'm so lucky that he is in a school that gives him a chance.

I'll never know for sure if it's the biomed treatments or school- but I really think it's a combo of both. You can gave the fastest, best car in the world- but if you put in cheap gas.... I was just so proud of Michael, again. I keep seeing more and more improvements and now actually believe his future will be glorious. People always say "anything is possible". It's such an overused term. But, in this case, it's true. Michael is always surprising me.

I'm looking forward to the They Might Be Giants concert in 8 days. Michael has been learning all of their songs. I think we are going to have an awesome time and I better bring tissues cause I'll probably be crying while he dances and sings with one of my favorite bands.

Here is Michael at the end of the basketball tournament with his teachers- Jackie and Gina. He is holding his MVP certificate.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Turkey Day

For Thanksgiving we visited our extended family in Queens. I told Michael all week that we were "going to Queens". Of course at school he told the teachers he was "going to see the Queen". Ok. Understand that mistake.

On the way into the city, I played a bunch of They Might Be Giants songs from my ipod thru the car speakers. TMBG is a group from Brooklyn who has been around for about 25 years. I used to play them at my college radio station (when I was a dj). They are this quirky, new wave band that came out with a kid's album recently. They even do "kids" concerts. I got tickets for me and Michael for December. I know if I play their music, Michael will enjoy the concert better. It will be his first, offical "rock concert". He saw the women from "The Magic Garden"- but that doesn't really count. Anyway, the 2 hour ride in was a good opportunity to learn some TMBG songs.

Michael was great at Thanksgiving, sitting at the table with everyone. Right before we said "grace", I had Michael stand up on his chair and read the card he made in school. "Dear Family, I am very thankful for my family. I love you all. Happy Thanksgiving. Love, Michael". It was so cute. He had this big smile on his face while the 20 people around the table clapped.

Here is Michael helping his cousin blow out her birthday cake. He likes to get close to the action.

Another successful holiday. Boy that felt good. Oh, Michael did fall down the stairs at the end of the night, but jumped right up and didn't cry or even get upset. I can't tell if the kid doesn't feel pain- or is made of steele. Oh ya- A few family members (who see Michael about 3-4 times a year) said they REALLY see a difference in his progress. I keep getting these looks of surprise from everyone. Just wait until he is recovered- ha.

For the next week Michael requested TMBG songs in the car and the bathtub. He likes this one song "Dr. Worm". I'm really getting excited about the concert. He is actually walking around our home humming their songs. There is some footage on YouTube of their concerts too- so Michael and I sat today and watched them. I'm hoping he gets used to them as much as possible so the loud noise doesn't bother him- sometimes it does.

Also- I haven't been posting that much lately. I guess because Michael has been doing so many new things, I've lost track. We did miss a week of chelation (for the first time). The office was closed for 4 days.

Still no big side effects from the chelation. Michael has been alittle stimmy lately, but that might have to do with the weather and it getting dark so early. He's always been affected by the seasons.

The other day we were standing outside waiting for the bus and Michael is running his finger along my car window. You know how it gets wet in the morning and you can write words or draw pictures? I asked Michael to stop and he wouldn't. So, I wrote the word "no". He laughed. I couldn't believe he laughed. Then he wrote "yes" next to it and circled it.

Another first on Saturday. I had to videotape a wedding and hired a new babysitter (everyone else was busy). She's the aunt of a good friend and has family members with autism. Michael went to the indoor playground and the movies with her. The next day he said "Ann Marie is fun". This was the first time in 7 years he was with someone who wasn't a family member or friend. And he did great- I was so proud. I'm glad they both had fun.

Michael has his basketball tournament on Thursday. 8:45pm (right before bedtime- nice). I'll take plently of photos and video (like last year). I hope he gets a basket. Last year he wasn't even close.