Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Field Day

Well, I missed the first half of Field Day because i was looking up cancer stuff online. I heard Michael was looking for me. Never heard that before. I made the second half and took some pictures and video. Michael did great. I mentioned in the other post how he fell asleep during chelation. Well, that night he had a fevor. Next day- woke up fine. hummmmm? Don't know what that was about. He rarely gets a temperature- maybe once or twice a year.

Oh, btw- we added a new ingredient to Michael's chelation. phosphadityl choline. I've noticed Michael's speech has improved since we started it. I mean, his language is constantly improving, but the last few weeks I've seen a jump in his skills. No side effects- again. Well, one day he couldn't poop, but we just added more Epson Salt to his bath water.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,
I have a 9 years old autistic son and I live in Istanbul.We have been doing Dr Bradstreet's chelation protocol.I would love to give him IV phosphadityl choline.Which doctor prescribed it and what was the dosage please?
Thanks a million!
Lord Bless!

Christine said...

Sue- I'll look it up. Email me directly so I can respond.

Thanks- Christine@LighthouseStudios.info