Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Praying for Clear Skies

Saturday Michael wanted to go to the carnival across the street. We only have to drive by it once. He knows what days it's open by reading the signs. We thought Saturday afternoon or evening would be good because Michael's Dad was in town for the weekend. Well, it pretty much rained ALL day Saturday. Michael got very upset. I made the mistake of letting him see the weather report on the computer. It showed showers all week. He kept saying how he was never going because it was going to rain everyday. I'm writing down new schedules, explaining to him plan "b", etc.. doing everything I can to distract him. The only thing that worked was to yell at the cats "Kirby, you cannot go on the Ferris Wheel". Michael thought that was funny.

Anyway, Sunday comes and we are praying for clear skies. Right around 5:30pm when we arrived, the skies opened up. It was beautiful. We also met friends there- so Michael had 2 other boys to go on rides with. One has autism, the other Aspergers (which is like autism but with typical speech).

We were there for over 2 hours. Michael had so much fun- so did we (the parents). The boys were great and playing so well together. Most kids with autism like carnivals because they like to spin around. They also like the speed- it's like it feeds something in their brain. All I know is Michael loves rides, has no sense of fear and the best thing to do is get a pay-one-price wristband- because he doesn't know how to stop.

I'm so happy we can find places that are local. So many people have to take trips to Disney to entertain their kids. All Michael needs is $15 :)

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