Thursday, December 06, 2007

My Little GPS

I have a new nickname for Michael "My Little GPS". He loves Google Earth and Maps lately. He memorized all the exits off the Long Island Expressway (LIE). Whenever we go somewhere, he gives me a route. Perfect skill for a kid who is going on a x-country road trip next summer.

Anyway, he's made these signs all over the apartment. He gave every room an exit number. I like this one that says "Backyard". He makes these up and cuts them out himself. He's very independent like that.

Here he made a Behavior Chart for ME! They have one in his classroom. He just loves when kids get in trouble (we're working on that). One of his favorite things is to give me warnings. Like if I try to wet his bedhead hair he screams NO and gives me a check. The really funny part is the punishment he picked out. 15 minutes off my email. At school they get 15 off recess.

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The Eager family said...

Funny! :) We laughed about that one! I wonder, what else does he refuse you to do? Keep posting!!!

~Jen, Matt & Kids