Monday, November 26, 2007

Baby It's Cold Outside- Kinda

This November has been very weird. The peak for the leaves changing color was about 3-4 weeks late. We went over to my Sister's house for Thanksgiving and I took this picture of Michael in the backyard. It was also 60* that day.

A few days later, it got down to about 35* at night. Ok- I believe you- winter is almost here. It's going to be a long winter too. Thankfully Michael has been obsessed with Map Quest and Google Earth- so he keeps pretty busy looking things up. He is really getting to know ALL the roads on Long Island. Autism can be a pretty cool thing sometimes. :)

Tomorrow Michael is back at school. Most people hate Mondays, but I really like them. I usually shoot photos/video on the weekend- so Mondays are usually my day of rest. I actually hurt my back a few days ago- nothing serious. But, I could hardly get out of bed this morning. I don't usually have back problems, but when I do- moving around works the best. I did shoot interviews at an autism school today. I'm sitting here with a heating pad on my back praying that tomorrow morning I'll be able to put Michael on the bus.

We had a visit with Dr. Imam last week. We decided to take Michael off the DMPS and see what happens. His level of mercury has been going down on his urine tests. I'd also like to see if his progress slows down or we see any side effects. Dr. Imam gave Michael a great compliment, "he's our poster boy". At first I thought "that's sad". Because Michael is doing very well. But, I wish all the other kids were doing just as well, if not better.

We skipped chelation this week because of Thanksgiving. We'll be back on track this Friday. Btw- Michael has been eating some food with gluten in it with no side effects. He's also been eating some new foods. I bought a bunch of gluten/casein free stuff- crackers, cereal, bread, etc. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want him to like fruits and veggies. I would also like to phase out the meat he eats- so he's a vegetarian again. I'm just so happy he is trying new things- that is a very good sign and encouraging.

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving Holiday. I might not be posting as much as usual. I'm going to be busy the next month. I have a lot of video editing to do and I also suspect my Mom is going to pass away in December from pancreatic cancer. So, all hell is going to break loose soon. In a way, worrying about how Michael is going to handle death has been a good distraction for me. I guess everything in life is a lesson- right?

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