Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

I think all the time about the things I am thankful for.

This weekend Michael was playing this computer game called "letter rip". It gives you tiles with letters on them and you have to make them words. The kid is on level 44. You can save the game and play it later- so he's been doing that for days.

This morning he said "I'm going to keep playing this game and get higher and higher, until I'm older". He also mentioned that he was going to do it all by himself. I'm pretty amazed that he would play 1 game for so long AND that he wants to do it alone (although he did come to me for help a few times). But, I don't know how to explain to him that there is no top level. There is no end to the game. I guess I'm going to have to pick a number, like 100, and tell him that's the end of the game. But, what number should I chose? 100? 200? Why should I limit him?

Michael has been understanding abstract concepts more and more lately. I had to explain "death" and "funerals" to him recently. My mother should be passing from cancer in the next 2 months. Michael made a few comments, like "when you have cancer you sleep a lot". We never told him she had cancer. He is really picking things up.

I got a couple of books about dying- one even about Grandparents dying. I was afraid he would get obsessed with it (talking about dying all the time), but thankfully he just mentioned it a few times.

I think this Thanksgiving is going to be bittersweet and not too enjoyable. I just keep saying how grateful I am that Michael is doing so well. It's the only thing keeping me going these days.

Michael's latest urine tests show that he level of mercury he is excreting is going down, so we may stop the DMPS. That is one of the 2 chelating agents we are using. I also wanted to mention that the Nystatin once or twice a day really helps. A few months ago Michael's yeast got worse and you can tell by the increased stimming and farting. The Nystatin, in addition to probiotics (good bacteria) and natural remedies (like garlic, caprylic acid, uva ursa, etc) have been working nicely. I definitely see a decrease in the stimming.

Also, Michael got his first report card for this year. He got perfect attendance (can you believe it?) and pretty good grades. They give number grades in 3rd. 1 is "really needs improvement" and 4 is "doing great". Well Michael got mostly 2's and 3's with just a couple of 1's. I'm happy with that. The grading system is for typical 3rd graders- so expect him to be a little behind.

He also got all 3's for Music, Art and Gym. He never did that before. Some other things he teacher mentioned at the parent/teacher conference: Michael's volume goes up and down- they are working on that. Michael gets along with all his classmates & they think he is funny. His biggest problem is paying attention, but usually he knows the answers. Michael's teacher also said that he's the best in his class at Math.

This year he's in a class with 10 kids- most have ADHD or some type of reading problems. There are no other kids with autism, or with Downs, MR, bad behavior problems, etc. His teacher said he couldn't be with a better group of kids this year. I have to say too that the 3 adults in the room (teacher, assistant and aide) are doing a wonderful job. They are very dedicated and caring. Michael really enjoys school this year and gets upset if he's not involved with the other kids. I'm really happy with the situation and couldn't ask for more.

So, as you see, I have a lot to be thankful for this year. I hope you will too. Oh and another thing I'm grateful for- all of you reading this blog. I have no idea who you are or how many of you there are... but thanks.

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