Saturday, October 27, 2007

I'm Back

Wow. A lot has been going on lately. I hope I can remember everything. LOL. First thing, Michael is doing great and still improving everyday. We had the Long Island Autism Conference last weekend. Michael opened the conference with the pledge and did a great job. I just posted a clip on YouTube:

He also did the pledge the second day. I have to upload and edit that before posting.

Michael seemed to have fun at the event. His cousins were there and some of his old classmates stopped by. So, he was able to swim and play a bit. He even sat in on at least 2 of the breakouts. I can't believe Michael sat quietly in a room for over 30 min. at a time. Sometimes I can't even do that. Dr. Imam did a breakout and we showed a video of Michael and it was reported to me that when the video played he pointed to the screen and said "that's me!".

I think Michael really understands a lot more of what was going on. And I was so happy he was able to really participate. Here is a picture of Michael with his good friend Paul looking at a bubble machine on one of the exhibitor tables.

On the Thursday after the conference Michael had his first teeth cleaning. Again- amazing job. He sat there and only once did he gag (no throwing up). I was very surprised. Honestly, I was alittle too tired to get all nervous and stressed out about it. Sometimes I get to the point where I say "it is what it is". I knew stressing over the dentist wasn't going to help, plus I just didn't have the energy. About a month ago this one dentist said Michael had 5 cavities and he wanted to put mercury filling in them. The new dentist said there were 2 or 3, but they weren't that bad, so he was going to leave them alone. So- good news indeed. The next teeth cleaning is in 3 months.

School Update: Michael's teacher said he's doing great and he is less of a problem than the other kids in the class. Michael is in a special ed class with 10 kids and 3 adults. He's the only one with autism. The other kids are ADHD, dyslexia, etc. Michael had also been getting all 100's on his tests. He got one 90. At this point I may have to get a DNA test because there is no way this kid is related to me. I wasn't a bad student- but all A's.... hummmmmm

Michael is also doing his homework behind my back. He takes it out of the folder, puts down all the correct answers, puts it back in the folder and then puts the folder in his backpack. One night he asked for my help. But, he's really great at it. I'm very grateful that his teachers are so loving and understanding.

I get to see Michael in action on Tuesday. I'm the class mother. First time for me. I actually have no idea what is expected- but I think I do the parties. We are going to have our "fall party" next week. I'm going to pick up some bagels and snacks. I also have some special cookies that Michael can eat and then give it to the whole class. That will be a first. The cookies are good too! It's made by a Jewish Bakery in Nassau County about an hour from here.

Chelation: Michael is doing fine with chelation. Yesterday I didn't even sit in the room with him the whole time. I was hanging out in the back room with my friends. I'm going to miss chelation when we are done in June. It's been a good support for me too.

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