Wednesday, May 14, 2008


This morning we went to the pediatric dentist for a checkup and cleaning. This is an office that takes special needs and typical children. Kids with autism have SO many issues when it comes to tactile defensiveness- they don't like people touching their mouths. It took years to get a toothbrush into Michael's mouth.

Anyway, this dentist will only take ASD kids first thing in the morning- for many reasons. But, today his cleaning went so well, the dentist said Michael could be put with the other typical kids and not HAVE to come at 8:30am. I also remembered this time to bring Michael's fluoride free toothpaste! LOL. The staff didn't give me a hard time like in the past. I just don't like giving Michael fluoride because some people say it's poison, especially to kids who can't detox.

The dentist also took a copy of Evidence of Harm by David Kirby and said "this will be my spring reading". He's interested in learning about the mercury- autism connection.

So, overall- good appointment. Got to school on time. Michael did great. Who would have thought going to the dentist would be such a pleasurable experience?

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