Monday, September 03, 2007

Old Functional Behavioral Assessment Report

I was cleaning my office and found this old functional behavioral assessment (FBA) report. Many people look at video of Michael and can't believe that he was dx with mild-moderate autism. So, I thought I would post this info from the report.

Date of Report: March 21, 2005
Age: 5 years, 6 months

Reason for Referral:

"The teacher had expressed concern regarding Michael's increase in behavioral problems since returning from the winter holiday vacation. Concern was expressed regarding Michael's perseverative verbalizations, screaming, and fake crying, as well as his lack of attending. It was reported that when screaming or fake crying, Michael appears to be agitated and tense. He may clench his lower jaws and fists. Once his behavior escalates, it is very difficult to redirect Michael back to work. It was also reported that Michael has been attempting to hug and climb on adults when he is agitated. There has also been an increase in his lining up manipulatives and chairs in the classroom."

I think part of the problem was that a new student joined the classroom in January of 2005. This student had many behaviors and Michael started imitating him. Plus, in Feb. and March- it's the end of winter and Michael spends a lot of time indoors. It's always a hard time of year. Also, back then I was working on the conference for the second year and spending a lot of time on it. Basically, he was bored.

But, it does show you a small window into what Michael was like in the past. As I find old reports, I will post them here.

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