Wednesday, September 05, 2007

2004 Eval

I found another old evaluation.

Date: August 13, 2004
Chron. Age: 4 yr 11 months

Some of the goals for the summer:

"use a spoon, use an open cup
indicate need to be changed, sit on toilet
point to pictures/objects/body parts
sort objects: sequence by size..."

Summary of Progress:

"Michael has maintained his skill level during the summer session. Michael can label and receptively identify over 100 pictures of common objects and 50 common objects. He is resistant to attempts at introducing a spoon and open cup. Michael will sit on the toilet during diaper changes and at times will indicate when his diaper is soiled. At times, Michael maintains eye contact with adults, but often prompting is needed. He is responsive to adult initiated play, but for a limited length of time (5-10 min)."

This is from his Speech Teacher:

"Michael's progress in speech this quarter has been inconsistent. At times, responses from him and overall awareness are right on target. At other times, Michael is very hard to re-direct from his own agenda. Prompts are still used to reduce echolalic responses and to increase overall awareness of adult/peers around him. Physical activity as well as songs have helped."

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