Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Body Boogie

Michael had a concert this week and he did great. Again, needed very little help. Compared to years past- he is getting better and better. Chelation went great again today. When Nick called Louise to help him Michael yelled "Louise" too. Then Michael said "she's on the phone" and asked me to help him.

Check out in the picture how cute Michael is sitting. He sat like this for most of the time and enjoyed the show.

Again we are very happy with the way everything is going. The only part of his life that isn't improving is his eating habits. But, hey- if that's the worst thing. So, he eats the same food everyday. He's kicking butt with everything else.

Like my Dad says "he's the best". Here is a picture of my parents, who came to see Michael. It was also my Mom's Birthday- Happy Birthday Grandma!

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