Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sprout Film Festival

Today Michael and I drove into NYC to see the Sprout Film Festival. They show movies 2 min-2 hours long that are about people with disabilites. Some are even made BY people with disabilites. I went to this event about 4 years ago and it's very inspirational.

This was the first time Michael & I went into NYC by ourselves. We went to Manhattan in July 2001 with Michelle. Then last fall we took a trip into the city with our friends from Nigeria. Last year Michael and I went to a Yankee game & a concert in Brooklyn. But, we never went into Manhattan by ourselves.

I told Michael beforehand, so he knew where we were going. He was pretty cool with it all- except the movie bored him alittle. Then when I said we were going to leave, this guy asked me to take a picture- but I had to wait until some people were done answering questions. So, basically Michael was running around, getting upset. It's so hard to "change the schedule" with him.

We got to meet Chris Burke, who has Downs and starred in "Life Goes On". I used to love that show. He was very nice and it's great to see someone with a disability who is so successful and independant.

I'm glad that we went. Michael and I had fun. He said he wanted to visit NYC again. To find out more about the film festival you can visit

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