Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Amazing Race

Michael and I participated in the "Amazing Ridge Race" on Thursday Night. It was like the tv show- basically a savenger hunt. Michael did great- following along and saying hello to his friends in the hallways. I glad we did it.

I took some pictures of Michael when we got home. This one I just love. The trees and flowers are blooming and are so colorful. For this picture I asked Michael about one of his classmates. The two of them are very silly and sometimes get in trouble together. Which of course, Michael thinks is FUNNY as heck. All I have to do is mention the kid's name and Michael smiles. BTW- speaking of other kids, I think for the summer Michael is going to spend half the day with his regular ABA/Autism classmates and staff. Then he'll go to the camp for 3 hours. I still have to work out the details. I'm not totally happy with it and hoped that the school would have an appropriate class for the summer. And now I have to pay thousands of dollars for camp too. I don't HAVE to send him to camp, but I think he would get soooo much out of it. The poor kid is an only child. Sometimes he plays with the kids in the neighborhood, but they can be alittle "wrong". The other day they were shooting BB guns. Holy crap- I don't think so. Don't even go NEAR my kid with one of those guns. I'm hoping we find some more positive roll models for him.

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