Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

So, it's 2007. I have to admit, 2006 was a pretty good year. Michael improved so much. I really think it's a combination of his great school program, chelation and suppliments.

We went back to Queens for Christmas Eve. Michael went upstairs by himself and came downstairs with a present labeled "daddy". He handed it to his father who was visiting from California. Of course the present wasn't for him- it was for my cousin's father. But, it was such a cute moment. Michael had this look on his face like "look what I found- open it".

Christmas day we opened a few presents at home. Then we went to my parents for dinner. Michael loved his aquadoodle. He played with his cousins and at dinner time he wanted to sit at the table with everyone. This is a kid who wouldn't sit for a meal 2 years ago.

We added extra glutathione the past two weeks and I've definately seen a difference in his speech. I notice other things too- like sometimes Michael says something softly or in a deep voice or with an accent. It's like he's doing voices.

The day before his father left, Michael was saying "last day with Daddy". He also said that he was sad and would be happy again on Tuesday at school. I really see him expressing himself more- being able to tell us how he feels. It will be interesting to see what his teacher says today in his communication book.

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