Sunday, December 17, 2006

Four Month Update

So, it's been at least 4 months since we started doing IV chelation with Michael. Still no visible bad side effects- unless you consider talking too much bad. Last Friday we had a typical visit. Michael sat great, Nick got the needle in on the first try, I got to sit and talk with other Moms... We are going to do some blood work in the next 2 weeks. We keep on testing his levels, vitamins & minerals, liver function, etc. These tests are done about every 2 months. Last test was done on Halloween and everything was fine.

Nick mentioned that he was going to up Michael's glutathione next week. I'm totally guessing here, but I think it will increase his speech. I still hear Michael saying more complex sentences, but honestly at this point- i've lost track. I can't remember because he keep saying new things all the time. I remember back when Michael was 3 and he said the word "cookie" for the first time. Actually, it was the first functional word he ever said. My neighbor asked him if he wanted a cookie and he said "cookie". I wasn't in the room and didn't believe my neighbor when she told me. Then, in typical fashion, Michael says "cookie" to me 2 days later and I had to call my neighbor and apologize. We had a good laugh.

Anyway, now he's saying things like "Excuse me Mommy, you need to close the door". "Excuse Me" is his favorite term right now. He says it to strangers in the store. They are like "yes?". But he doesn't have anything else to say. I'm also working with him on being polite. He screams out commands sometimes and it's rude. I need to start thinking of him as a typical kid and not let him get away with stuff. You know?

Another thing I wanted to mention is that Michael likes going to the doctors. When I mention going to Dr. Imam's, he is calm and accepting of it. When we get to the office, he runs in the front door and says "time to get weighed". He likes picking out a seat (he can chose from 4). I really think he likes to see the other 2 children that do chelation at the same time. He's getting to the point where having other kids around helps. Like the They Might Be Giants concert.

Speaking of concerts, Next week Michael is singing in the holiday concert, again. It will be his 3rd year. The 1st year (K) he sang about 30 seconds. Last year (1st grade) he sang about 5 minutes. This year (2nd grade)-- who knows? Of course I'll be videotaping it and I'll post the video on YouTube and put the link here. I'm very excited, because like the basketball- this is an event that one can compare, year after year. It's a great measure of his progress. I'm so proud of Michael. But the best thing is he is having fun.

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