Monday, November 13, 2006

"I like to _____"

Sunday, Nov. 12th, I'm sitting with Michael at my parent's kitchen table and I make up a "worksheet". I write down a bunch of math problems or fill in the blanks- like school work. Michael actually loves things like this. So, tonight I write these sentences:

1. My name is _____
2. I like to _____
3. Grandma is _____

For number one he writes "Michael" (excellent). For number two he writes "talk". TALK? WTF. And he came up with the answer so quickly. Here is a kid who didn't call me "mommy" until he was six. Unbelievable. Oh and for the last one, I read "Grandma is blank" and he wrote "blik". LOL. He was trying to write the word "blank". He didn't understand I wanted him to fill in a word. But, the best part he is tries to sound out the words and write them.

Anyway, Chelation went great last Friday and it only took one try. Michael sat so well. It was Veterans Day and Nick, the nurse who does the IV's is a Vietnam Vet- so Happy Vets day to you Nick!

I've seen a big difference in talking the last few days. I was thinking recently that he hasn't surprised us much in the last 2 weeks or so, but the last couple of days- I see it. We went shopping at the mall on Saturday and then visited friends (who have 3 boys with autism) and Michael did soooo well.

The other day I came home and Michael screamed "Mommy's home. I love you" and opened up his arms for a hug. I tell you honestly, it was like a dream. A real dream. I wish I had it on video because I would loop it on this website and watch it all day long.

Final note- we got Michael's blood work back from the lab and everything was perfect. His liver and kidneys are working fine. We should be doing another challenge soon.

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