Monday, November 06, 2006

The Dunkin' Donuts Mystery

Michael's latest thing is reading signs. We drive down the street and I hear him saying "Wal-Mart, McDonalds, Burger King...". Then one day he says "We have to go to Dunkin' Donuts". I ask everyone who babysits him "have you taken Michael to Dunkin' Donuts?". No one admits to it.

Does he pick things up from TV? from other people? could he be reading on his own? I hear him sounding out words all the time. Which is a really great sign. I love to see him progress. I tell him a word, he thinks about it, and then he says it a few times.

On Friday, I picked him up from school, so we can drive directly to Dr. Imam's for chelation. He wouldn't leave. He wanted to say goodbye to EVERY child that was being picked up. There were about 20 of them. As the parents came up to the desk, they would say "i'm here to pick up Sally". Michael would then yell (across the hallway) "Goodbye Sally, have a nice weekend, see you on Monday". Some of the kids turned around and responded. It was just so weird. But, in a good way. In a great way actually.

Sometimes we go to the park and Michael sees a kid from school. Many times he knows their names. There have even been times when we go to a store and an adult comes up to me and says "I know Michael". He always remembers their name and then has this total look of confusion. Like "why aren't you in school?".

Little things like these fill my days now. I see them as progress. As part of the bigger miracle. Last week we went for a blood test (chelation thing) and he sat soooo well- best ever. Then on Friday he sat really well for Nick (Dr. Imam's nurse). I didn't even have to sit with him when he got the needle.

Tomorrow is election day- no school! Michael has been telling me about it all week. I'm really enjoying the time we have together. Don't get me wrong- I always have. Since the day the kid was born he was by my side. He's my only child. And I'm his only Mom. But, the reason why i'm enjoying him more is because we're understanding each other better. We are able to enjoy typical activities- going to Yankee games and movies. We going to a They Might Be Giants concert in December. I'm really looking forward to all the things we'll do in the future. Possibilites seem unless these days.

I really think the reason why both of our lives are better is because of the all the biomedical treatments in combination with his staff at school. I know they are both important parts of his progress.

I posted a video on youtube of Michael, if you would like to see him talking & singing in the bath.

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