Sunday, October 22, 2006

Chippendales Chelation

Michael has various sensory problems. He won't eat regular food. He hates to touch the cats. One issue that has changed over the years is his clothes. He used to be able to sit in his own poopy diaper for hours and not care. Now, if the kid gets a drop of liquid, pee or poop on any article of clothes- off it goes!

So, this past Friday (October 20th) we go to Dr. Imam's office for chelation and 5 min. into it, Michael drips orange juice on his shirt. He didn't seem to care about being half naked and of course, it made for interesting pictures. By the way, this week Michael sat really nice and Nick was able to get the needle in on the first try. I think that was the first time it didn't take multiple times.

This week Michael's teacher wrote even more good comments "Michael is a sponge. He has been talking up a storm. His descriptions of things are so amazing. I see such a difference in him from last year, as well as from this summer! He is becoming more social too!" She also wrote how on Friday "he was making fun of his friends".

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