Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First Half of 2011 Summary

I haven't posted much on this blog about Michael, because I do daily updates on Facebook. Most of our family & friends are there, plus it's soooo easy :)

But, I thought for those of you who read the blog, but not our FB updates, I should post some new information today.

Michael is currently finishing up his last month of 6th Grade. He'll be going to Jr. High School next year. Can't believe it. He's also grew a lot- probably about 5'3'' or so. We stopped chelation last March (2010). Michael's still in a class with 24 kids. He gets some special help- like an aide & an additional teacher for the class (Special Ed teacher). Everyone has been really great at school. Michael has done a lot this year. Again, he was in the drama club. They did Aladdin this year. He still plays violin in the orchestra. One activity was different- he played in the volleyball club recently. They met once a week before school. Michael also joined the Yearbook club and helped to put the Middle School yearbook together.

This winter was VERY cold & snowy on Long Island. We had snow on the ground for at least two months- so we didn't do much outside. Reminded me of my old Buffalo days :) Spring/Summer is here now FINALLY & we're excited. The pool is open & we'll be taking another roadtrip this summer (NY-->MN).

Here are some recent photos of Michael:
Thanks again for keeping up with Michael's progress. We've been very lucky. Michael continues to work hard & is closer to "recovery" every day. Socially, he still has challenges & the peanut allergy is a pain in the neck- but basically he leads a pretty normal life. Michael likes watching iCarly, Sponge Bob & Glee. He rides his bike, swims, goes to church, plays in the orchestra, etc. His teachers have described him as "the most behaved kid in the class". We are all so very proud of him.

The only thing biomedically we have changed is we added "Amino Support" from Kirkmans a few months ago (saw increased speech). He's still gluten/casein/soy/nut/sesame/pea/garlic/beef/pork/seafood free. We are also still giving him Coromega, MB12 from Kirkmans, Super Nu Thera from Kirkmans, Vit. D, Calcium, TMG, Glutathione, MSM, ALA, NAC & probiotics (including Nystatin).

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JLTan said...

Wow! Thank you for sharing this snippet of life that I don't often see. May God bless you both.