Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thank Goodness For Spring

WOW- what a long winter.

But, it's spring in NY! And with the arrival of spring comes BASEBALL. We are planning to go to games both at Yankee Stadium and Shea (where the Mets play). Michael's so interested in the fact that the two places are being demolished and new stadiums are being build.

Michael started playing on a Little League team a few weeks ago. It's a challenger league- basically about 12 kids with disabilities- mostly autism. It really is a lot more fun that I thought it would be. They got the coolest uniforms. Michael is so excited too. And I don't MAKE him that way- LOL. Just got lucky. I love baseball and played when I was younger. It's so much fun to see Michael out there.

Last week we had the big kick-off Sunday to the season. The kids marched around the track along with all of the other baseball and softball teams. Michael had such a good time. Here he is walking with 2 of his teammates- waving at the crowd. He also met the Supervisor of Brookhaven Town, Brian Foley. For those of you not from this area, our town gov't covers about 1/2 a million people. Supervisor Foley is a great guy and I've taken pictures for him in the past. He came right up to us and spoke to Michael. Of course Michael had no idea who he was, but it was nice to guy a picture of the two of them.

Anyway, Chelation is going great. Now that the weather is better, he's playing outside with the neighborhood kids. They are a little wild and not the best roll models, but it's nice to see him playing kickball and baseball. Yesterday he decided to be the coach when they were playing kickball. I try to limit his time with these kids, because they do beat the crap out of each other most of the time. But, the poor kid is an only child and LOVES to play outside. It's funny because I trust him more than the other kids, and they are "typical".

I can't even list all the things that he is doing now. He does his homework every night by himself. Last night I wasn't feeling well and I handed him the phone. He talked to Michelle and they had a real conversation. The only thing I was worried about was him saying "mommy isn't feeling well. Her head hurts. She laying down". I grabbed the phone because I didn't want Michelle to think I was passed out on the kitchen floor.

The other day Michael said to me (out of no where) "I was loving you all day long". I NEVER heard him say that before.

It's like this whole new world has opened. I'm explaining things to him like babies, death, baseball, autism, etc. I decided to take Michael to the "Green our Vaccines" rally in DC. It's on June 4th and Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey are heading it up. As you know, Michael has already met Jenny. There might be around 5000 people there. It will be largest autism rally EVER! After the event on June 4th, I'll post my photos on That's a website that I put together.

Happy Spring everyone and thanks for reading our blog. Doesn't Michael look SOOO happy in this picture?

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Anonymous said...

Christine Heeren, supposed
"ADVOCATE for Children with AUTISM"... ,
(of NAALI, LI Autism Conference, LI Autism Fair)
She showed up to cause trouble at a rally to
Raise Autism Awareness, How Dare She !?
The police had to ask her to leave....then she entered a hearing with a school district to Intimidate a
Mother of an Autistic child....
Is this your advocate !?
What do you Really know about her ????