Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Common Crow

Today Michael and I went on the Ridge Elementary 3rd Grade class trip to the Holtsville Ecology Center. It was the first time I saw him on the class trip with typical kids. He did great. It was also nice to spend some quality time with everyone- the teacher, aide and the students in his class. We even got to ride the big bus. Which of course made me a little car sick, but it was fun to live on the edge. Holy cow did the bus driver speed around. I didn't realize buses could break the law like that...

Anyway, we saw many different animals. Some very cool- like black bears and eagles. And some were... interesting- like the deers, cows, raccoon, ground hog, parakeets, and my favorite- "the common crow". That's what it said on the poor guy's cage. I just looked it up and this type of bird is sometimes called "common". But, who would want THAT title? And what's weird is when I walked up to his cage the crow walked to the front, stuck his beak in the fence and looked right at me.

Michael said his favorite part of the trip was the "duck poop". Gotta love it. We even walked around this big trail and Michael did great. He just loves being around kids. His whole face lights up. No wonder he loves school SO much. The kids are kind to him. and the staff are so loving and caring.

After the trip we went to one of our weekly chelation sessions. They are so effortless now. Michael spends most of the time on the laptop or drawing on a wipe erase board. Today he kept talking really loudly. He's starting to add things to certain conversations. It's kind of weird for me. Of course it's good. But, I'm not used to Michael completing my sentences. LOL.

In the next week we have a lot going on. We're going to Washington DC for the "Green our Vaccines" rally with Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey... and about 5000 members of the autism community. I'm SOOO excited that Michael can join me. I'm be taking a million pictures and will post some of them here. The rest will be on That's one of my websites that I put together to share information.

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