Friday, April 11, 2008

How Long Did I Bake?

Last weekend Michael and I drove a couple of hours west to NJ/PA to visit our cousins and attend the DAN! Conference. Michael was so great on the trip. Couldn't ask for anything more. He was so well behaved.

Some of the highlights were:

1. We met spokesperson Jenny McCarthy
2. Michael was playing with our cousin's pets (dog and cat)
3. Michael asked "where does cousin Lisa live?"
4. When my cousin Steve asked Michael "Do you have homework?" Michael said
"I only have homework Monday through Thursday when there is school".
5. Before chelation Michael asked "Why are we going to chelation on Thursday instead of Friday?"
6. At chelation he was playing with his "girlfriend" Juliet. He's done that before, but this time he was making up these games with some balloons that were left in the office.
7. At the conference Michael tried gluten/casein free bagels, waffles, english muffins and bread. He's never eaten waffles or english muffins before.
8. At brunch on Sunday he was dancing around the restaurant. There was a live band. He was so cute- I wish I had video of it.

I'm noticing Michael has started to ask "WH" questions. That means why, what, where, how, etc. questions? The other day he actually asked "how long did I bake in your uterus?". Then I explained to him how babies are born. The conversation grew and I ended up asking him "do you know what autism is?". He's heard the word "autism" a million times. He didn't know. So, I explained it to him and told him how lots of kids have autism. And lots of people are on special diets- even me. I've been a vegetarian for over 20 years.

I didn't think we would have that conversation so soon. But, he's really starting to understand things and ask questions. He's also asking to go visit his Grandmother Joan's gravesite. I think we're going to go in about two weeks, when he has vacation.

BTW- Michael was dx with mild-moderate AUTISM, not PDD-NOS or Aspergers. But, full-blown Autism. I'll have to scan the paperwork and post it on the site.

Thanks and Happy Spring everyone!

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Kathryn said...

Hi. A friend of mine sent me your blog. I love this post. My son is 5 1/2 diagnosed with ASD at 2 years old. He is doing well now and has a DAN doctor. I will go through your blog and read about chelation - something we have not done yet.

This post gave me a lot of hope. How wonderful to meet Jenny and I love the question 'how long did I bake?" So intelligent and funny.

I wish I could go to a DAN conference, but all our money goest to treatments!! I blog about my son's recovery too.