Sunday, March 16, 2008

"I Love It"

Wow- what a weekend. Michael said and did so many new things. I hope I remember everything.

1. Saturday afternoon we went on Michael's first Easter egg hunt. Michael saw a poster at school about it and asked me if we could go to the event at the Ridge Park. There wasn't even a flyer in his backpack. He even reminded me to bring my camera. I think that was on the poster too.

After the hunt we got in the car and I said to Michael. "I was thinking we should buy you a special light so you can read in the car at night". Michael said "that's a great idea Mommy". I never heard him say that before.

2. Chelation- after the egg hunt we go to Dr. Imam's in Center Moriches. Nick, the nurse, is putting the IV in his arm and Michael says "I love it". He was actually talking about the IV.

3. Half way through Michael asks for cookies. I told him after he eats his lunch (gluten/casein/soy/nut free bread and meat) he could have some cookies. His response is, "Mommy, I don't like your rules". Again, never heard that before.

4. After his session Michael asked to go into the HBOT. HBOT is a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Many children with autism use this type of therapy. Basically, it repairs brain cells. Nick was nice enough to put him in it for a few minutes. Michael went right in with no fear. As the pressure went higher, his ears hurt (which I expected). When he got out I asked him if his ears hurt and he said yes. But, he also said he wanted to do it again. I was just amazed that he wanted to go in it in the first place.

5. Saturday night I told Michael to tell our roommate Michelle thanks for baking his bread all day. He goes up to Michelle and says "thanks for making the bread. You are the number one champion". Again... never heard him say that. I was in the next room laughing on the floor. Michael runs in and says "I love laughing".

6. Sunday we go to church. I'm officiating the service and up on the alter. There is a segment where people light candles and share their "joys and sorrows". Michael goes up to the front. I join him. He lights a candle (he's done this before with me). Then he grabs the mic and starts talking. I say "Michael-say what you are happy about". He says something like "yesterday I went on an easter egg hunt and then at chelation I went into the chamber". I had to explain to the crowd what he meant. But then I lit a candle and said "My son just said his own joy for the first time!".

7. After church we had a meeting my accountant in her office. For two hours Michael played nicely and we got our work done. Also, I didn't know how to get to the office in Islip, so Michael told me what exits to take- he's memorized a lot of the roads and exits off the Long Island Expressway.

These were just some of the amazing things that happened over two days (that I could remember). We also went to this puppy store after church and Michael didn't freak out. He doesn't like dogs very much- which breaks my heart. But, he's getting better. I think he hates when they lick him. It's a sensory thing. But he hung out with me while I held the little golden retriever puppy for 20 minutes.

Looking forward to the next few weeks. We're going to our first Islanders Professional Hockey game soon! Making exciting things to come. Thanks for sharing the joys!


Anonymous said...

Tears in my eyes - what a wonderful weekend of new discoveries. Pay off to much hard work and perserverance.

Anonymous said...

I don't know If you remember me. I'm the mom from Texas that has the son who sees Dr. Bock. I'm so pleased with all the progress that Michael has made with the IV chelation. This is very exciting!!!!!

My son just started with the oral DMSA and seems to be getting some results. I just thought I'd write you a note to say congratulations on his remarkable progress. I've been keeping up with your blog to see how things were going.