Thursday, March 06, 2008

2 + 2 = 4

Well, Michael came up to me tonight and wanted me to write a new post in his blog.

I'm going to let Michael type what he wants to say. Here we go:

"I did good on my math test. I did a great job!"

Back to Christine here.... Michael took his 3rd grade New York State Math test today and yesterday. I saw his teacher at an event at school tonight and she said Michael did a wonderful job. We won't have the final results until the end of the school year, but she said today he only got 1 wrong on the test. She also mentioned that Michael will probably have the highest grade in the class. She was very proud of him and couldn't stop smiling when she was talking about it.

I will admit that Michael is now officially better in math than me. That's not saying too much. But, it's true.

I'll have more to write later. It's been a huge news day today- with a press conference about vaccinations and autism. I'll tell you more about it soon.

Thanks and take care everyone.

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