Sunday, August 05, 2007

I am a person

Michael actually woke me up this morning and said "I am a person. I want to cut my banana". Of course, I jumped out of bed before he could use the knife. But, it was weird to hear him say "I am a person". He's saying so many new things all the time I lose track. I wish I was on Big Brother or some show like that- where they videotape your every move.

Last night Michael and I went to see They Might Be Giants. If you've been reading our blog, last November we went to Brooklyn to see them- which was Michael's first official concert. There were about 150 people in a bar. Oh, don't worry. It was a kids show in the middle of the afternoon. TMBG started in the 80's. The two lead singers, John and John are now in the 40's and have kids, so they came out with a couple of Kid's albums. They really are fun and goofy. I used to play them at my college radio station starting in 1987, so bringing Michael to concerts means so much on many different levels.

The show last night was at the Planting Fields Arboretum Park in Oyster Bay (on the North shore of Long Island). I got tickets for the 7th row, which were really good. But, after the first song, the band invited everyone to come up to the front because there were a lot of empty seats (people just don't appreciate great talent around here-lol). So, we moved up to the 4th row. Michael was so cute. I told him a few times he could get up and dance. He does this "irish jig" thing, which the teenagers behind us found amusing.

Then after about 3 or 4 songs, the band asked people to rush the stage (gotta luv them) and we literally were standing right in the front. It was awesome. At the November concert, we were upfront also. Last week at John Mayer we were like 5 miles from the stage-so I really appreciate being close at TMBG concerts. Also, we weren't supposed to take pictures or video, so I felt a little weird taking photos. Of course, I had to. But, I kept feeling like the one singer was going to say something. I was like 10 feet away from him and he could totally see me with a camera. I did bring my small 4.0 mp Sony camera that I bought like 5 years ago and not one of my larger cameras. I don't think anyone cared about the camera. I'm just used to taking pictures whenever I want.

Michael was fine with the noise. I think one thing he really likes is the lighting show- I guess it's kind of a stim. But, he's pretty well behaved. I like how excited he gets about going. We also listen to the band on the way to the concert. That's a tradition. My sister and I used to do that when we went to Jones Beach as teenagers. I remember sitting in traffic after a Sting concert blasting his music in the parking lot and singing at the top of the lungs.

Anyway, after the concert Michael got his picture taken with the guitar player. The two main singers didn't come back on stage and Michael didn't want to wait anymore to see. I just asked him some questions:

christine: "what did you see at the TMBG concert"
michael: "A tent"
christine: "Did you have fun?"
christine: "do you want to see They Might Be Giants again?"
michael: "next year"

I told him we would see them every year. They usually play somewhere in the NYC area once a year- they are from Brooklyn.

Oh, I almost forgot. There was this great moment, which I didn't get a photo of, but one of the guitar players came down stage and let the kids play the guitar. Michael stuck his arm right out there a played a few notes. It was awesome. He blended in so beautifully last night. I'm just so grateful there is a band like TMBG. Music that we both love! I don't think I could sit thru a Barney show.

One more thing- 2 nights ago Michael and I went to see Underdog, the movie. Michael sat great, which was surprising because the movie wasn't THAT exciting. I was tempted to take him to see Borne3 :)

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