Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's the Little Things

When people ask me if I think the chelation is working I say "yes". Then I find myself listing about 20 different things. Little things that I've noticed. Or maybe things that other people have noticed and said to me.

This weekend we had dinner at my parents and my cousins were there. Gracie, who is also my Godmother said "Michael is like a different kid". She sees him about once a month.

I do feel like he's a different kid. We went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch the other day and Michael sat through the whole meal. There wasn't this big fight to get him to sit quietly. He even asked to go to the bathroom himself.

Another person mentioned that he's the happiest kid with autism they know. That is the 4th person this month. I have to admit- he is pretty happy and fun to be around.

I got tickets to see They Might Be Giants again in a few weeks. We saw them back in November and had an awesome time- it was a dream come true. Next week we're going to see John Mayer at Nassau Coliseum (where the Islanders play). It will be our first BIG, BIG concert. This time I'm bringing my camera to take pictures. Last summer I went to see John at Jones Beach and was afraid to bring a camera. Everyone had one in the audience. Between digital cameras and cell phones- I guess they can't stop people anymore.

Oh, and I got tickets to a Yankee game this August. It will be our second game, but first night game. I remember seeing Yankee Stadium as a child and the lights made it seem like heaven. I can't believe they are destroying the stadium in 2 years. It should be a landmark and museum. Breaks my heart. Anyway, I'm excited to go again.

Well, more big news. We're getting a new car. It's an SUV actually. My plan is to drive across the country next summer for two months- WITH MICHAEL. Can you believe it? I think we'll have an awesome time- visiting friends & family- seeing great landmarks like the Grand Canyon. It's something that I always wanted to do and with my mom very sick- I just made a decision to DO IT. Michael and I are calling it our "road trip". I'm sure I'll be blogging and taking pictures the whole time to share the experience with everyone. Stay tuned.

This is my Sentra. Check out the bumper stickers: "demand vaccines without mercury" and "autism is reversible". I had to scrape the stickers off last week because I'm getting rid of the car. Kinda sad- but it served us well. Oh and I don't want to hear any negative Hillary comments :)

Well, the building it done. Pretty much. The garbage around the building hasn't been picked up- big surprise. But the major work is done. Three weeks of banging and trucks backing up at 7am. Argh. At least the building looks better. I don't have a picture with all the pretty bushes infront- but here is one after the siding was finished.

Once again, thanks for reading my blog. I can't believe it's been almost a year since we starting the IV Chelation. Michael is doing so well. We also started Nystatin last week and no bad side effects. It's to fight the yeast. I'll have to get him tested again to see if it's working.

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