Saturday, April 07, 2007

Virginia Beach Trip - April 2007

Last week Michael and I drove down to Virginia Beach. We went last August a few weeks after starting chelation. It was nice to see people who hadn't seen Michael since then- because they all saw his progress. We visited with friends, ate out a lot, walked by the oceanfront, went on a ferry ride and took a nice walk on the farm where I use to work.

Michael handled himself pretty well. We just had one bad experience where I tried to give Michael a new food and he threw up. So, the sensory thing is still there :)

Another change we saw this week is Michael has been bringing books to me and asking me to read them. He never did that before. Books were things to stim off of or color with crayons. He even sat there and listened to the whole book. Today he brought a Dora book to me and where she says "help me by calling the tiger" Michael called the tiger. I've never seen him do that. He does it with the tv show once in a while- but never with a book.

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