Wednesday, March 14, 2007

You're Too Loud

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Wow. What a week we had. Michael did a lot of things to surprise me. First of all chelation, got the needle on the first try this week and he sat still the whole time. He's been doing really well lately.

We had some visitors this week. First our old neighbor from Virginia, Joe. He's not my neighbor from Virginia, he's my neighbor from Virginia. OK. I need to be more specific. When I was a teenager Joe and his family lived across the street from my home in Rocky Point, NY. They escaped to Chesapeake, VA with their 3 small children around 1988. I went down to visit them a few times and liked it, so in 1993, I moved to Virginia Beach (next to Chesapeake). Then in 1999, I moved back to NY.

I guess I can credit them (among others) with the whole "autism experience" I had while living in Virginia. I worked with ASD kids as an aide, babysitter and therapist. That whole experience prepared me for my life with Michael.

Anyway, it's fun to visit Joe and his family in VA with Michael because everytime we go Michael is at a totally different stage. Last August we went and they saw such a difference in him (I think I posted about it back then). Well Joe spent a few hours with him Friday night (after the chelation appointment) and said that Michael seemed to be talking more. And he was impressed with his spontanious outbursts.

At one point we were all sitting around the table talking and Michael comes in the room with his finger in the air. He points to each of us and says "Mommy, Grandpa, Grandma, Joe- You are too loud". It was so funny.

Then on Saturday (the next day) Michael's Dad came from California to visit.
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We were sitting down at the table (again) and Michael comes over and starts eating his food with a fork. He has NEVER done that- especially with a metal fork. He narrates the experience. "First you pick up the fork and then you poke the food like this...". He takes a bite and says "scrumpeous". don't know if I spelled that correctly- I never use that word.

There are just a few example of the things he has said this week. I'm finding he is really speaking full sentences and answering my questions very nicely. Oh ya- and he played dice for about 30 minutes with my family. He was keeping his own scare too.

Also, his behaviors have been better the past few weeks- thank god. It's always better when Spring comes along.

Overall- we are still very happy with the IV chelation treatments and overjoyed at the progress Michael has made since August.

Thanks everyone for reading our blog. :)

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