Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Long Winter

Here is a picture of Michael with his cousin, who is the same age. They don't see each other much, but recently they have been playing together when they play together.

Man, February is a long month, even though it's the shortest month. If you don't know Long Island well, it's pretty cold and grey during February. We don't get a lot of snow, which really is god's way of saying "sorry" for winter. I lived in upstate NY for 5 winters and that is when I learned the purpose of snow. It covers the ugly, muddy ground. It's hard to drive in, but it's sooo beautiful. Like I've mentioned before, Michael understands winter and snow this year. He keeps saying that he wants it to snow, because he wants to make snow angels. We did get some flurries this past week- but nothing than stayed around for more than 12 hours.

Michael is getting obsessed with the weather. Everynight he wants to check on my laptop. He also likes to look at the radar- "blue means snow, green means rain". The only thing I'm worried about is that he's becoming alittle TOO obsessed. The past couple of weeks, he's also had some tantrums at school. Most of the time he freaks out because the schedule is different or because he misses out on something.

Sometimes I think it's good. I know- that sounds crazy. But, most people who do chelation with their kids say that they have bad side affects. You know the chelation is working because they get rashes or don't sleep or something else negative. This is the first time since August that we have seen something negative on a regular basis. Do I know it's a product of chelation? Not really. It could be the cold he had for about 3-4 weeks. It's almost gone. Michael doesn't get sick very often. I don't like to medicate him either. So, it really could be anything. I guess time will tell.

Michael has enjoyed going to the gym with me in the evenings. He plays with the big room of toys and sometimes even one of the kids. It's great because he's starting to see the same kids over and over. They are getting used to him. Plus, the girl who works there is very understand and good with him.

We are going to do a challenge on Friday- that means we are going to collect his urine after the IV's and check for metals. Last week it took 3 tries to get the IV in. Wasn't really Michael's fault. It helps to bring my laptop and let him play games.

Here are some other pictures I had. Thanks for reading my blog and sending me emails.

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